Learning experience


We will support you gain qualifications and work skills, helping you to go further in your chosen career pathway.  We believe that the learning process is a partnership between students and teachers.

Our students say they learn best when:

Learning is relevant – fun and directly relevant to your chosen career pathway or higher education study.

Learning takes place in a variety of settings – well-equipped classrooms, industry standard facilities and workshops, learning zones, on trips, through work-based learning and work experience opportunities. 

Learning is personalised – you are treated as an individual and your learning is personalised to reflect your career goals and learning style.

Learning is collaborative – you thrive when working together with others and with technology. Through this collaborative learning, you continually expand your knowledge and extend your learning.

What teaching learning and assessment is like at Banbury and Bicester College:

We recognise that providing verbal and written feedback on assessments is a high priority – you will have a chance to reflect on your own performance on an assessment before receiving specific, detailed and timely feedback from your teacher.
Students are motivated and inspired to learn – our dynamic teachers, latest technology, industry standard facilities, adult learning environment and thriving learning community drive students to aim for success.
The spirit of enterprise runs throughout the college – you will have the opportunity to become involved in enterprise projects, building confidence, resilience and employability skills.
We encourage students’ involvement – we want you to be involved and take responsibility for your learning; share how you learn best and tell us about the quality of your learning experience.