Generation Y

Is your business ready for Generation Y?

Generation Y, born in the 1990s and early 2000s, will make up three quarters of the UK workforce by 2025, also becoming the biggest consumer group.

At Banbury and Bicester College we have launched an innovative learning company model which helps businesses grow, reduce costs, and develop employer partnerships and student employability.  

Whether you are a small team or a large organisation, we can help you prepare for Gen Y with:

  • Guides for staff, partners and students
  • A shared office space for Gen Y Works students
  • Training programmes for industry partners
  • Shared Google Drive space for staff, students and partners

and much more!

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For Everyone: Access to our growing online library of Gen Y research for business


Typically, the service breaks down into the following stages:

1. Internship stage: Students work an internship in one of our partner businesses. Students must negotiate a Gen Y project to undertake on the partner business’s behalf.

2. Professional work stage: After the internship, students move into a college-based Learning Company where they deliver a free project for the partner business. This could include producing Gen Y PR content, video production, social media management, etc.

3. Partner business skills stage: Partner businesses offer skills of equal value, which could include marketing experience, a masterclass from your Head of Sales, etc.

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