Banbury and Bicester College does not have student accommodation and cannot arrange student accommodation either.

But if you need somewhere to start your accommodation enquiries, try this list for ideas and speak to our Advice and Admissions team for local information.

The main types of accommodation you can find are:

  • halls of residence – for Oxford Brookes University students
  • host family
  • local letting agencies
  • hotel accommodation
  • home stay

Halls of residence

If you are a student on an Oxford Brookes University programme, you can apply for accommodation in the university’s halls of residence. Find out more at the accommodation section of the Oxford Brookes University website.

Host family

A host family could be a family with children, a couple, or a single person. Stay with a host family and you should have your own room (although there may be other students staying at the same time) with a bed, space for your clothes, and adequate heating and lighting. You should have access to a bathroom and use of laundry facilities. Meals are often provided but you need to check. Remember, you are staying in someone’s home and should be prepared to follow their rules (about tidiness, visitors, etc.)

Local letting agencies

Letting agencies provide various types of rented accommodation including rooms, studio apartments, flats and houses. Some are fully furnished some are not. Make sure you understand how much rent you need to pay and whether utility bills are extra, what furniture if any there will be especially kitchen facilities, and whether there is local transport to college.

Hotel accommodation

We would advise that you only use hotel accommodation if your stay is less than three weeks or as a short term solution until you find somewhere else to stay. Hotel prices vary greatly and can be an expensive option.

Home stay

Home stay is another option. Try

Please note that the college does not take any responsibility for any issues that may arise if you decide to use any of the services. We are not recommending them, we are showing what is available.