Learning Beliefs

Flipped learning.

The impact of digital technology on our brains.

Learning cycles and the real role of the teacher in the classroom.

Does that sound intriguing?

We hope so! These are just some of the areas we research, analyse and evaluate as part of our mission to provide the best possible teaching and learning methodology for our students.

It’s a crucial – and exciting – part of what we do.

Take a look at our learning beliefs below and see our pages on:

Learning beliefs

‘Evidence shows that it is exactly what teachers do that makes the difference to student achievement, and that this teacher effect is very large.’ Geoff Petty, Evidence Based Teaching, 2006

Our students say they learn best when their learning is:

Relevant – our students enjoy their learning most when it is directly relevant to their chosen industry or chosen higher education course of study.

Varied – our students like learning within high quality classrooms, industry-standard facilities and workshops, learning zones, on trips, through extended projects and work placements.

Collaborative – everyone has great ideas and our students thrive when working together with their peers. Through this collaborative learning they continually expand their knowledge and extend their learning.

We make sure our teaching and assessment:

Includes both verbal and written feedback – so students can self-reflect before receiving precise, useful and timely written feedback  

Motivates and inspires – which is why we use dynamic teachers, digital learning technologies and industry-standard facilities to help students reach their aspirations

Has the spirit of enterprise – so that students can be involved in enterprise projects which build confidence and employability skills.

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